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Αποστολέας Θέμα: Waterfall Minecraft Server (RFS)  (Αναγνώστηκε 1205 φορές)

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Σεπτεμβρίου 11, 2011, 12:28:48 pm
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Waterfall Craft - Spout Server

How to connect:

1] Download the Spout client and run it - (Safe and trust).
2] Login on this client (let it update) this will not delete your minecraft's files.
3] Login IP : waterfall-mcgrs.gamebattles.gr

Waterfall Spout server.

The wolrd of Waterfall is waitting you. Pure map with full viewdis its on your "hands" .
Create your faction, build your town, become best trader/blacksmith/fighter/builder and more. Dominate and manipulate as you want EVERYTHING. This server is not just a survival/pvp/faction/economy/rp server.
We are using the latest mod-client.
We are members of RFS. One of the biggest minecraft communities world wide.
Watefall server is a PREMIUM server.We proudly offer high quality service with the ability to do what ever you want. Our server is running on Linux OS with 16 Gb ram and 8 XEON CPU cores. We are accepting people who want to play and enjoy MINECRAFT . We are looking forward to accepting you into our world.

What is Spoutcraft?
Spoutcraft connects the server and client and makes most of the features possible. Some things, like inventory monitoring, and the server speed improvements, only require the server plugin. And any player can connect to a Spout server, they will just miss out on the features it has to offer. Spoutcraft is recomended for waterfall server, using it unlocks the real features behind the plugin. So you have to download and run the client before you will login.

Details and Server specs:

Minecraft Server IP : waterfall-mcgrs.gamebattles.gr
Don't login without Spout client
Minecraft Server : Waterfall Craft
Slots : 80
Owner : RFS (Rainbow Family Servers)


OS: Linux
CPU: 8 Cores
Memory: 16G
4 x 1Tera
1 GBps Line